Landfill & Recycling Workshop

Saskatchewan ranks highest, of any province in Canada, in the number of landfills. Last fall, it was reported that 73% of the landfills were found to be ‘non-compliant’ in 2014/15.

The Saskatchewan Public Works Association (SPWA), along with partners from the regulatory, recycling, municipal, and waste industries, have been brought together at our Fall ‘Landfill & Recycling Workshop'.

This workshop is designed to assist council, administration, and operations staff to learn more about matters such as landfill regulations and permitting, alternate waste streams and receivers.

Workshop Overview:

Click Here to view Don Howe's slideshow presentation on the Updated Landfill Regulations, information on Revised Permits, and the Ministry's expectations moving forward.

Donald Howe

Environmental Protection Officer - Ministry of Environment

Bus: (306) 787-8253
Cell: (306) 539-5778


Click Here to view Colleen Yates' pdf presentation on: Advocating to the government in regards to the role & benefits of industry-driven stewardship programs in SK, Clarity and promotion/education of responsible recycling, Assisting with impending changes facing recycling, A ‘one-stop-shop’ for information on recycling options & services, Continued success of end-of-life product recycling, and Mentorship of new SK developed products.

Colleen Yates 

Saskatchewan Paint Coordinator, Product Care Association

Chair, Recycle Saskatchewan


Click Here to view Sheri Praski's slideshow presentation on: Who is SWRC? What is in the waste stream? And options for waste diversion.

Sheri Praski

Executive Director of the SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) 

Cell: (306) 227-8183


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