2017 National Public Works Week Awards

CPWA is pleased to announce the CPWA National Public Works Week awards contest for 2017. This is the 57th year National Public Works Week is being celebrated in North America. Since its beginning in 1960, agencies, municipalities, and public works professionals have used this week to educate and inform the public about the essential role that public works plays in the quality of their community life. Promoting the choice of public works as a career choice for the working force of the future and recognizing those who currently serve in these crucial public roles are equally important.

The 2017 National Public Works Week Poster theme is “Public Works Connects Us”. This year National Public Works Week celebrates the vital role public works plays in connecting us all together. As the cornerstone of civilization, public works provides, maintains, and improves the structures and services that assure a higher quality of life for our communities. Its streets, roads, bridges, and public transportation keep us linked together from coast to coast, and its clean water and sanitation services keep us healthy and allow our communities to grow and prosper.

Once again, CPWA will recognize “first time entries” as well as municipalities by population size.

The Categories for 2016:

First Time Entry
Any community submitting for the first time.

Small Centres
Populations of 75,000 or less

Medium Centres
Populations 75,001 - 250,000

Large Centres / Metro Centres
Populations 250,001 or more

In fact, every municipality celebrating National Public Works Week is a winner! Public works awareness is a great thing to spread among our citizens, legislators and especially our young people who will be the engineers, public works managers, specialists and workers of tomorrow. We encourage your agency and community to join in the celebration and to submit for a CPWA National Public Works Week Award.

One change this year will be to the nomination and submission process, which will be online. The criteria have not changed from last year, and the nomination form is available now. However, nominations will not open, and online submissions cannot be accepted, until May. An announcement will be sent out when nominations go live.

The deadline to submit a nomination is June 16, 2017.

The criteria and nomination form for the 2017 CPWA National Public Works Week Awards can be viewed at the CPWA website here.


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