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2017 Fall 'Rural Roads' Workshop

Saskatchewan rural roads are an essential intricate network connecting agriculture, industry, and our rural communities with the rest of our province. Providing a safe sustainable passageway for Saskatchewan goods, and having a sound base for transportation of our diverse economy, is no easy feat. 

Saskatchewan’s gravel roads spread over 5,600 km throughout the province, and 97% of the roads that Rural Municipalities care for, are gravel.

The Saskatchewan Public Works Association had designed a one-day workshop to address the unique needs and issues that arise from maintaining our rural roads. Whether it be planning and construction of a new road, or budgeting and maintenance of an existing one, we will cover an array of topics specifically tailored to address these issues.


Equipment Pre-trip Inspections – Taylor Ashton (City of Saskatoon)

  • Checklist for pre-trip inspections
  • Why this should be done

Equipment Pre-trip Inspections Presentation

Grid Road Maintenance – Why our Infrastructure is Failing – Ed Pacik (Evolution Training & Consulting)

  • History of gravel roads
  • Importance of maintaining crowns

Machine Control Technologies – Nathan Duncan (SITech Western Canada Solutions)

  • How can technology be used to improve maintenance

Machine Control Technologies Presentation 

Grid Road Construction and Material Selection - Brent Marjerison (WSP Canada Inc) 

  • Road construction material and techniques

Grid Road Construction and Material Selection Presentation

Gravel Roads - Materials Analysis, Surfacing and Maintenance – Manoj Jogi (Ministry of Highways)                                               

  • Material Selection for dust control 
  • Factors in material selection

Gravel Roads - Materials Analysis, Surfacing and Maintenance Presentation

Please note: More pdf's of presentations will be added as I receive them. :)

Click HERE for pictures of the workshop!

Rural Roads - Keeping Saskatchewan Connected


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